why you can trust us

Top English and Japanese teaching, many netizens recommend teachers, come to the class to give a gift worth thousands of dollars, enroll in the course to buy three more! Learn English, Japanese and Korean from 80 yuan per hour. Free detection of English. English, Japanese and Korean teaching is not private. English, Japanese and Korean are catching up for three months. Free English, Japanese and Korean language test skills. TOEFL IELTS official authorized test center. Many students recommend high CP values.

Why you have to choose 時代國際英日語中心

Peace of mind study guarantee

Quality Assurance Association + Bank Performance Double Guarantee

Professional presentation

Member certificate


Performance guarantee


Performance guarantee



3 Learning guarantee

1. Guaranteed to speak English and Japanese easily for three months

2. Guaranteed to obtain international English and Japanese certification

3. guarantee (same level teacher) the cheapest

6 Unique features

1. division class

2. credit card installment 0 interest rate

3. free simulation exams

4. free composition review, study abroad consultation

5. online course selection system, easy class at home

6. small and medium-sized classes of 15 to 40 people (depending on the course)

5 Major

1. TOEFL iBT/GRE US ETS Official Testing Center

2. IELTS Registration and Examination Center officially authorized by IDP International Education Center

3. civil service lifelong learning institutions

4. TOEIC Multi-International Business English Certification Special Center

5. Professional Chinese and foreign teachers have obtained the international TESOL language teaching certificate, more than 3 years of teaching experience in various courses